Is Apple to blame for the Google Chrome rendering problem on macOS?

Google has warned that Chrome, its flagship browser, is currently undergoing a severe rendering issue when running on macOS.

Until this issue is fixed, users can expect to encounter graphical glitches when browsing some of the most popular websites on the internet.

The flaw manifests itself as a mass of horizontal blue lines on the screen.

The fact that these lines do not cover the screen in its entirety could suggest that some sort of software issue is the cause.

Although Google Chrome engineers are placing the blame on Apple, no one is currently capable of pinpointing the exact source of the issue.

Apple, on the other hand, insists that a third-party graphics card driver is to blame.

The good news is that the issue does not seem to affect iOS users – this is because Chrome running on iOS uses the WebKit rendering engine (so do all the other iOS-compatible browsers).

Google is facing an insurmountable amount of pressure to come up with a fix – otherwise it risks losing a devoted base of Chrome users who are likely to gravitate to another browser.

Judging by the posts on the Apple and Google tech support forums, it appears that the issue persists even when running an up-to-date version of macOS.

Google engineers, while acknowledging the problem, insist that Apple and macOS are to blame, so it is unlikely that the fix will come from their end.

The user community did come up with a workaround that anyone can use though.

Despite having a negative effect on performance, one option is to navigate to the Chrome settings section and disable hardware acceleration.

Another option is to switch to another browser until the problem is resolved.

This, however, could prove troublesome for those with a heavy reliance on bookmarks, add-ons, and other Chrome-specific settings and features.