IPM partners with Avecto to improve data security

Protection of documentsIPM, the IT force behind New York Metro’s most prestigious brands, announced its partnership with Avecto, a data security firm that develops endpoint security solutions. The partnership is said to improve the cybersecurity of their clients, as well as making them better equipped to fight against malicious cyberattacks.

Adam Bari, managing director at IPM, commented that data security should be among the top concerns for every company. He added that their partnership with Avecto is an essential step towards providing their clients with better means to defends themselves against potential data security breaches and make their data less vulnerable.

The newly-formed partnership enables IPM to leverage Avecto’s Defendpoint technology that enables the customers to fight against malware. Defendpoint is a simple, yet effective solution that clients can manage through a lightweight client.

Paul Kenyon, CEO and co-founder of Avecto, commented that the new partnership with IPM will enable them to offer their data security software to a broader range of organisations. He added that IPM’s level of expertise makes them an ideal fit.

Avecto can be classified as a global security software company. Defendpoint, one of their most notable products, is a security suite designed to protect against cyberattacks. It proactively prevents malware from causing damage to the machine.

IPM has been in the business for more than 30 years. The company’s list of partners includes big names such as Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, EMC, and more. The company offers product sourcing, product realisation, IT staffing, and other services.