IoTChain is coming, a new OS for IoT devices

IoTChain, a new OS intended for IoT devices, is scheduled to be released later this year. If all goes well, the IoT industry will never be the same.

The IoT industry, as great as it is, does come with its own set of problems, mostly related to having a relatively low level of cybersecurity. However, with the introduction of IoTChain, a secure and lightweight OS intended for use on these devices, which is based on blockchain technology and DAG technology, another option is available that is more than suitable to be run on devices with low operating power.

Simply put, the new OS has been designed to provide a framework for low-cost and secure connectivity for said devices and solve the typical problems that current-day systems tend to be plagued by. In technical terms, it incorporates:

– Semi-homomorphic-encryption ciphertext computing technology

– Asymmetric encryption of cryptography

– Distributed architecture without the data centre

In other words, it will bolster IoT device security as well as take care of data privacy. For example, if one of them happens to be capturing video footage, only the users themselves will be able to check it.

The DAG technology it uses is designed to stop quantum attacks in their tracks. In order to achieve the main chain consensus, PBFT is used, and it’s not without reason; in short, it’s because of its effectiveness, speed, and how well it works.

As of right now, PBFT is already used by IBM’s Hyperledger project and the Central Bank of China. NEO, Stellar, and Ripple cryptocurrencies all use variants of this consensus algorithm.