IoT innovations we are likely to see in 2018

IoT technology is becoming more advanced day in and day out, and in 2018, things are truly bound to reach new heights. Here’s what’s likely to happen:

  1. Connected cars

Just think what we could accomplish if we were to start collecting data from cars. We could monitor the tire states, check if the driver is behaving dangerously, determine if tire pressure needs adjusting, and immediately be alerted if a component needs replacing.

  1. Household gadgets

Think in terms of automated vacuum cleaners with cameras on them that would be smart enough to know that they should avoid sucking up small objects such as Lego, or store such items separately. Robotic vermin traps could even replace the function of a traditional cat.

  1. IoT-powered brick and mortar stores

People still appreciate shopping in brick and mortar stores, but using modern technology such as augmented reality and IoT, we could make that process even more comfortable.

  1. Low-cost space travel

IoT technology could enable huge savings when it comes to space travel. IoT networks and software platforms might be just the thing we need to make it happen.

  1. “As a service” era

Since usage is so easy to track through IoT, everything could potentially be sold as a service, including leased tires, coffee, and garbage collection. We are slowly moving towards a world where everyone is becoming a part of a gig-based reality, and soon, even teachers and the police force could potentially fall into that category.