IoT development matures, Eclipse Foundation survey finds

The recent Eclipse Foundation survey results are in! The conclusion is clear; the IoT development sphere seems to be maturing.

In concrete terms, most developers appear to be focusing their efforts on commercial projects based on the following:


– Linux

– A hefty dose of cybersecurity considerations

Apart from that, the developers are also working towards better home automation solutions, industrial deployments, and cloud platforms. Most devices they’re working on appear to be using ARM hardware.

To come to these conclusions, Eclipse Foundation surveyed in excess of 1700 developers who are working on commercial IoT projects.

So, apart from what we have already mentioned, what are the key findings?

First of all, the survey examined the top cloud platforms for these IoT projects. In no particular order of significance, these were found to be Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

During the process, the developers expressed various concerns, and cybersecurity came out on top, with 38% of developers noting it as their concern. Connectivity came in second place at 21%. Finally, we have data collection and analysis at 19%.

A total of 34% of respondents stated they are focusing their efforts on IoT cloud platforms, followed by home automation at 27% and industrial closely behind at 26%.

ARM was found to be the leading CPU architecture.

Linux was the most commonly used OS on gateway devices and edge. About one third of respondents claimed to be using Debian or one of its derivatives.

A whopping two thirds are either working on IoT projects, have worked on them, or plan to do so.