IoT can make a workplace happier, report says

Sodexo has released a new Global Workplace Trends report, stating that IoT makes workers perform better and has a positive effect on their happiness. By using real-time data, it also makes it incredibly easy to measure productivity.

The latest Sodexo report makes the point that IoT could make staff more efficient through the use of AI embedded in the devices.

According to Sylvia Metayer, CEO of Sodexo, companies realise that attracting the best and brightest talent is not enough; it’s important to keep them interested and engaged by providing quality workplace experience.

The report identifies IoT as one of the biggest trends that will have a huge impact on how we do our jobs, allowing for:

– Better workflow efficiency

– Higher quality of life

– Improved accuracy by compensating for human error

In an industrial setting, wearable IoT devices like sensors can make the workplace safer by preventing injuries and fatigue, while also checking whether the employees are wearing the appropriate safety equipment at all times.

Rimjhim Ray, Co-Founder of, believes IoT could make workspaces more humane by measuring your stress levels and sending an alert telling you to take it easy. All in all, it could improve office life by quite a lot.

According to the report, workers are concerned about how the data on them gathered by the companies will be used in the future, which is a valid concern. In general, IoT devices in the workplace are a positive force, effectively reducing fraud, easing workloads, optimising operations, and saving money on overheads.