IoT-based security without surveillance in Kansas City

Kansas City is considering implementing an IoT solution that would make the area safer by offering security without surveillance.

Sensity Systems Inc. is the company behind it all. Partnering with Genetec Inc., they have been able to produce an advanced IoT public safety and video security solution that’s integrated with LEDs.

In the beginning, Kansas City will test it by monitoring the city’s new streetcar line, which is currently 2.2 miles long. At the time being, it’s free to ride, and receives 5,700 commuters on a daily basis.

To keep up with the digital transformation and technological innovation, the streetcar service has a text alert system through which people can receive notifications whenever there’s a major disruption. The text messaging service is also used to alert users of upcoming changes.

The smart city security package incorporates intelligent analytics with Wi-Fi communication which connects to Genetec Security Center’s video management system. It also includes LED lights and Sensity Video Nodes. The latter are responsible for not only providing big data analytics, but also for capturing high-resolution video streams from the cameras, which is then stored.

Stefano Landi, vice president of Sales and Partners at Sensity, praised the new technology for its capacity of maintaining sensitive data at the local level, instead of sending it back to a central location. Additionally, this is where he sees the innovative Security Without Surveillance: through edge-based storage and analytics, it’s now possible to protect citizens without having someone sitting in front of the security cameras and watching the footage all the time.