Introducing ViVian, an AI-powered ID crime chatbot

Currently in the beta testing phase, ViVian is a chatbot that utilises AI technology to fight ID crime.

It was designed by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) to cut down on waiting times when reporting an incident.

Instead, ViVian records the case details and gives proper guidance on what steps to take next.

After that, a live agent reviews the case as soon as they become available.

The core benefit of ViVian is to allow victims to act swiftly when time is of the essence.

After all, it is hard to tell when an ID crime might take place.

Using AI, ViVian determines the best piece of advice given the situation at hand and then communicates it.

This can come in handy in situations where B2B or government agencies are trying to tackle related issues and offer a solution.

Compared to browsing websites in search for information, chatbots tend to be more time-efficient in delivering the right answers.

James Lee, chief operating officer at ITRC, noted how small businesses often do not have the same level of customer support compared to larger organisations, and this is where ViVian could help.

For instance, it would be a great way to handle helpdesk and incident response needs.

This could be in industries that fall outside the cyber security sphere, with inventory support being only one example.

Some practical applications for it are within:

  • Government organisations
  • Consumer education programmes
  • Human services organisations
  • Nonprofits

ViVian’s capabilities also include language processing, meaning that it can understand queries with a more complicated linguistic structure than what a typical chatbot might receive.

To accomplish this, the underlying AI was trained to understand complex queries through analysing anonymised transcripts of conversations between live advisors and victims of ID theft.

If the chatbot is unsure about what advice to give, it will ask more questions to get to the root of the problem.