Introducing Microsoft Azure Network Watcher Connectivity Check

Microsoft Azure is receiving a new feature. The Azure Network Watcher Connectivity Check, as it’s called, was designed to significantly reduce the time required to detect any kind of connectivity issues in the infrastructure.

With this new feature, it will now be possible to quickly determine whether a certain issue persists due to a platform or a user configuration. It can be used straight from the Azure portal.

Connectivity Check is supported in the following scenarios:

– VM to an on-premise endpoint

– VM to a VM

– VM to an external endpoint

Here’s how to begin the connectivity check:

  1. Go to the Azure portal and open the Azure Network Watcher.
  2. Find the Network Diagnostic Tools and click on Connectivity Check.
  3. You will need to input the source and destination VM before the check can be performed.
  4. Once finished, the check will return the status, reachable or unreachable, as well as the number of hops and latency values.

To make it easier for users to notice potential issues, the problematic hops will indicate a red status. By clicking on the status, it is possible to quickly diagnose the source of the problem.

Microsoft believes the new Connectivity Check feature will allow for better insights into network performance in Azure. In order to keep developing the product in the right way, and making it even better, the company has asked for user feedback.

If you want to chime in, you are welcome to leave a comment on Microsoft Azure’s dedicated forums.