Introducing Deep Nostalgia, an AI that brings old photos to life

There is a new AI that has the capacity to bring old photos to life by animating them.

It is called Deep Nostalgia and it comes from MyHeritage, an online genealogy company.

It uses an AI licensed from D-ID that makes the photo appear as if it is moving.

Some users have noticed the similarities to the iOS Live Photos feature, which aims to help photographers find the best shot by adding a couple of seconds of video.

Deep Nostalgia, however, goes even deeper than that by attempting to bring the photos to life.

This is made possible by utilising pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements and then applying the one that best fits the photo.

The idea behind it is to allow users to upload photos of deceased relatives and give them an idea of how they would appear in motion.

You can upload a photo by applying for a free account.

After that, the entire process is automated.

Before creating a .gif animation, the AI enhances the image.

To protect your privacy, the website claims that photos uploaded without completing signup are automatically deleted.

It also claims that it does not share them with third parties.

Recently, users on Twitter attempted to test the AI’s limits by trying to produce animations that appear creepy.

For instance, an archaeologist uploaded photos of ancient statues.

Deep Nostalgia does have its limitations though – one of them is that it is only able to process single headshots.

Furthermore, only faces can be animated – you will not be able to create walking mummies, for instance.

If you want to test it out for yourself, the free account allows you to process five photos free of charge.

After that, you will be asked to upgrade to paid membership.