Introducing Ceres Tag, smart ear tags for cattle

By the end of 2020, Ceres Tag, an IoT device for cattle will become commercially available.

Currently, the trials are underway in Queensland.

These smart devices feature both GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. In essence, they allow the farmers to monitor the following:

– Detect the condition of the paddocks the cattle are grazing on

– Monitor the animals’ welfare, location, and behaviour

The e-tags collect the information and send it to a platform that’s accessible to the farmers without requiring any additional infrastructure.

In other words, the farmers only need to purchase the e-tags, put them on the animals, then start monitoring the data they’re collecting through the management software.

David Smith, CEO at Ceres Tag, believes the company’s product is the solution for providing greater transparency regarding farmers’ livestock.

To develop them, the company has received AU$1.5m in funding from the Queensland government.

The first trials started with 100 cattle, but the following year, they are planning to increase the number to 500.

With that being said, Ceres Tag is not the only product of its kind to have hit the market.

Fitbits for cows, a product of Quantified AG, a Nebraskan startup, aims to accomplish similar goals of monitoring the temperature and activity of cattle.

This helps the farmers determine whether they’re sick or not.

It goes without saying this helps reduce both costs and labour by a significant margin.

It eliminates guesswork as well.

In fact, the technology is more accurate than the most experienced vets (they have about 60% accuracy).