The intricacies of using personal devices in the workplace

Certain company policies prevent employees from bringing their personal devices to work. The reasoning behind this is that using personal devices can be a potential data security threat. According to Eric Montague, CEO of Executech, 95% of data security breaches involve the use of personal devices in the workplace.

However, the solution may not be as straightforward as one might think – restricting employees from using their personal devices at work is quite a drastic measure that results in unhappy employees. In a competitive labour market, the use of such a restrictive company policy is quite risky, since the career opportunity seekers are likely to flee to another company with more lenient policies.

Gregg Frohman from Eastwind Network made an interesting analogy where he compares digital security measures with a castle. He went on to explain that you may have your castle, but the enemy might already be within the gates. According to him, you never know what malware employees are bringing into the system every day.

Jake Hiller, the owner of Intellitechs, also deals with personal device security issues on a daily basis. He believes the solution lies in making employees understand proper IT vigilance through training. A rigorous set of security protocols is a good start, but he says that employees need to be less trusting.

Hiller also recommends the use of good antivirus software on all devices, full hard drive encryption, and changing passwords on a regular basis.