How Intel is addressing the Meltdown and Spectre chip vulnerabilities

On Thursday, Intel began releasing cybersecurity patches for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities discovered in their processors. These patches will address the vulnerabilities discovered in the processors released in the last five years.

For those who haven’t kept in touch with the recent developments in the cyber-security sphere, it was discovered that Intel chips have had a built-in vulnerability for two decades. This allowed an attacker to gain access to and steal data from apps running on the computer. This includes password managers, documents, emails AND photos.

According to the researchers who discovered the bug, almost every computer put on the market since 1995 is affected by this.

Luckily, Intel moved quickly to correct the problem after learning of it, and the majority of its processor products have already received a patch. By the end of the week, the company expects that 90% of hardware products will have been patched.

Further reassuring us, Intel has stated that many public cloud service providers, system vendors, and device manufacturers have already moved to update their products and services.

As for the processors that are more than five years old, the date they’re going to receive a patch is still unknown.

Intel insists there are no known exploits for these vulnerabilities. Regardless of that, all computer users are advised to keep their systems up to date, and enabling automatic updates helps a great deal. This is especially true if they’re selling IT products and services to others.