Integration between Microsoft Teams and Skype delayed to Q2

The Microsoft Teams/Skype integration will be arriving in Q2 as opposed to this month, as it was previously suggested. So you can expect it to go live somewhere between April and June.

The demand for it is quite high, with several businesses waiting in excess of three years to see it being integrated.

Once it goes live, it will be possible to initiate a call and send a message between each of these platforms.

At the time of writing, no Microsoft official has chimed in about the cause of these delays.

Raúl Castañón-Martinez, an analyst at 451 Research, would like to draw our attention to the fact that a lack of consumer Skype/Teams integration means that Skype for Business has features that Teams is still lacking.

He believes that Skype integration should be at the top of Microsoft’s priority list.

In its current form, Microsoft Teams supports one-to-one chats within the company, but there is no way to engage in a group chat with external users.

In comparison, Slack, for instance, does support this, and the feature is called ‘shared channels’.

Originally, the feature was planned for 2018, but the priority shifts have kept on pushing it back.

Since Microsoft has a track record of delays when it comes to Teams features, this may not come as a surprise to some.

Last year, for example, the company kept delaying the integration of private Teams channels for months.

The good news is that we have plenty of new Teams features to look forward to – two dozen, in fact.

These are all based on user demand, but the concrete list is still a mystery.

However, one thing is certain: they will include channel archiving and accessing Microsoft Office 365 group calendars in Teams.