How innovative technology will revolutionise transport

In one of our previous posts, we’ve touched upon the concept of autonomous police vehicles. However, this is far from the end of the spectre of what lies ahead, and the transportation industry is likely to go through dramatic changes in the years to come.

The digital transformation is slowly becoming our day-to-day reality. It’s likely that one day soon we’re going to perceive self-driving taxis and autonomous drones as nothing out of the ordinary. This new technology will allow us to travel in a more cost-efficient manner, while also creating new job opportunities.

Self-driving vehicles are already here, with Tesla Autopilot being one of the earliest contenders, with Volkswagen joining in on the race. Autonomous delivery vehicles will have a huge impact on lowering delivery costs, which could have a dramatic impact on our economy.

While true that some low-skill jobs will be eliminated, this needs to be seen as a career opportunity for those with knowledge in software development and engineering.

Hyperloop, which is a series of pressurised tubes, could be used to connect major cities in the future, and will allow for cheaper and more affordable transport. If it ever becomes possible for workers to commute for hundreds of miles each day, just think of the impact this is going to have on the way people do business.

Finally, self-driving technology allows us to stay more productive, since the time spent driving can certainly be better spent doing other things, like doing some work on the go or simply reading a newspaper.