Information warfare will be a threat in 2019, report says

According to this year’s Cyber Threat Outlook report, information warfare is only an example of the cybersecurity threats we can expect to face in 2019. Here is a brief overview of what we need to be on the lookout for:

  1. Information warfare

Manipulating their opposition’s opinions can be a powerful tool in the hands of every government. This includes targeted breaches, data leaks and pushing disinformation.

  1. Chip weaknesses

Cybersecurity weaknesses on credit cards may be taken advantage of by hackers and infected EMV device readers. The manufacturers of these devices are advised to disable USB and other access methods if possible.

  1. Rampaging adware

From merely showing ads, adware may progress to infecting an increasing number of machines. Antivirus software developers should heed the warning signs and adapt.

  1. Deepfakes

Deepfakes or AI-generated video may be used to create highly-believable forgeries that could be maliciously used for the purposes of wrongfully accusing someone of doing or saying something that never happened.

  1. IoT weakness

IoT devices are not particularly strong in the cybersecurity department. By compromising large quantities of these, a hacker can use them for cryptocurrency-mining, launching DDoS attacks and other sorts of ill-conceived deeds. The solution is to convince manufacturers to get rid of the default passwords and close off any ports that are unnecessary.

  1. Expanding wireless attack surface

Various malicious actors are targeting high-profile vulnerabilities in desktop, mobile and IoT operating systems. To stay on the safe side, disabling any unused wireless protocols is a good way to go about it.