India sustained the most IoT cyberattacks last quarter

Subex, an Indian digital services firm, identified a 22% increase in cyberattacks aimed at IoT devices. Based on the statistics, India is the most frequently targeted country in terms of cybersecurity attacks.

In fact, this is the second quarter in succession that the country managed to earn the title.

The report identified the following areas as targets:

– Transportation sectors

– Financial services

– Smart cities

The following cities are said to be the most frequently targeted by cyberattacks:

– New Delhi

– Mumbai

– Bengaluru

During the last quarter, cybersecurity researchers recorded 33,450 high-grade attacks. Interestingly, 500 of these attacks were said to be quite high in terms of sophistication.

Vinod Kumar, CEO at Subex, expressed his concerns. It seems that the hackers are highly interested in Indian projects, a claim that is supported by the statistics and threat intelligence. Furthermore, as the research has pinpointed, sophisticated malware is being developed for the purposes of targeting critical infrastructure. Reconnaissance attacks are also on the rise.

During the study, malware was studied extensively, with 2,550 unique malware samples discovered in the country. The proof of concept stage is particularly interesting when it comes to IoT projects and malware. Moreover, many of the malware samples that were dissected and examined showed a tendency to listen to network traffic. According to the study, there is an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks with a geopolitical motive.