Inadequate security on 80% of connected devices

computer technology background with laptop. Digital illustration.

Research suggests that 80% of devices connected to the internet have inadequate security to protect against data breaches.

The research has been carried out by AdaptiveMobile and shows that the vast majority of connected devices that are currently in use are not adequately equipped to deal with a data security attack. Connected devices are becoming more commonplace, and it is becoming clear that it may be necessary to adopt a new approach. One option is to look at big data, security algorithms, and telemetry to protect devices that are using IoT.

It is estimated that billions of devices are going to be connecting this way and many of them will not be able to use the traditional options for data security. At the present time, there is no clear guidance on who is responsible for enforcing security and who can be held liable when a breach takes place.

Experts are calling upon manufacturers to make data security a priority for connected devices as an increasing number of devices are being used and more and more cyberattacks are taking place. It is believed that in the rush to keep the cost of devices low and by regularly upgrading the devices to newer models, manufacturers are not paying as much attention to security as they should because of the speed in which the devices need to reach the market.

Experts believe that different industries can be affected by this approach, and the problems cannot be solved at this stage with the standard approach, particularly when legacy systems are in use.