Ilfracombe businesses suffering through lack of broadband

Companies at the Mullacott Business Park in Ilfracombe believe their progress is being hampered as the result of a lack of suitable broadband services.

Campaigners are calling for improvements to be carried out to the business broadband services to ensure that any future expansion of the park can be completed successfully. Local councillor Lee Aston spoke at a meeting of the town council and reported complaints from companies based there.

Business owner Ben Donovan described the situation as ‘absolutely ridiculous’. The broadband speeds are so poor that online orders are hindered when the phone line is busy. Mr Donovan believes that he has lost out on business as a result and pointed out that residential broadband users in the area are getting much faster speeds than businesses.

The concerns have been voiced with Ilfracombe Works, a group founded to boost employment in the area. The group wants to make sure that superfast business broadband is delivered to the site as soon as possible. The government recently vowed to ensure that all companies and residential properties would have access to faster broadband by 2020; however, the campaigners believe that a five-year wait could be very damaging. The group is also working on a number of other issues experienced by the business park, including the lack of postal facilities.

The Mullacott Business Park is a fairly small industrial area; however, it is developing and the addition of more services would help it to grow even more in the future.