IDG researchers identify eight shades of digital transformation

Digital transformation is all about using technology to make matters easier for your employees and your customers, and also about productivity and access. Putting things in the cloud, making them easier to access, ordering securely and tracking order statuses through a mobile… it all counts. The researchers at IDG have surveyed 702 IT decision-makers to identify eight ways how people look at it:

  1. Mobile competencies

46% see digital transformation as providing optimised, secure, and access-anytime assets.

  1. Process automation

A minimum of 37% of people interpreted the term as digitally modifying businesses and/or processes.

  1. Employee efficiency

52% view it as enabling workers to be productive through tools like AI, mobile, and data access processes.

  1. Customer experience

46% of them believe it’s about meeting customer expectations.

  1. Income streams

33% think digital transformation has a lot to do with developing new revenue streams.

  1. Supply chain optimisation

27% think of it as digitising the flow of data and information on a global level, which allows for the movement of services, goods, people, and finance.

  1. Product advancement

31% see it as top-of-the-line growth through developing new products and/or services and digital product enhancements.

  1. Data-driven business performance

Almost half of the respondents, 49%, view digital transformation as the ability to better manage business performance through data availability and visibility.

Advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and software-defined networking, are just some of the elements that make digitisation a reality for us all. 53% of respondents are already working with private clouds, 45% with public ones, and 56% are exploring machine learning or AI.