IBM outlines two new IoT projects

Entering a partnership with Sears Home Services and Golden State Foods, IBM has outlined two new IoT projects that are aimed at making an improvement towards ensuring fresher and more reliable deliveries.

According to Gartner, by 2022, IoT enabled service models could potentially save businesses trillions of dollars every year. However, industry standards have not been properly outlined yet, and the IoT vendor landscape is somewhat fragmented. These are the challenges that companies need to face.

Sears Home Services, for example, want to avoid having to send a repair person on location if the problem can be fixed over the phone. Through the help of IoT gadgets, they would have the option of determining the cause of the problem without sending someone over to fix it manually.

The following key points illustrate what the company’s digital transformation approach to IoT is all about:

– Sears Home Services is adding sensors to appliances it repairs. This will allow them more predictive capabilities in the future.

– At some point in the future, Kenmore devices will have IoT capabilities.

– The company has accumulated 100 years’ worth of data for appliance repairs. By using Watson, for example, they will be able to pick it apart and provide analytics.

Golden State Foods will use IoT technology to optimise distribution through the help of IBM’s tools used to gather data on weather, telematics, and traffic. The company will also extend IoT to restaurant owners. Their service will gather data on energy use, equipment status, and restaurant maintenance.