Huawei upping their cybersecurity game, senior executive reveals

Paul Scanlan, senior executive at Huawei, says the company has taken steps towards bolstering the cybersecurity aspect of their products.

The aim is to have them measure up to international scrutiny. Apart from that, Scanlan also hopes the UK government will be pleased with the forthcoming changes.

One of the things they’ll be doing is making the software code more secure by providing the necessary training to the company’s newcomer developers. As it turns out, code quality is more of a priority than who can get it coded the fastest.

Moreover, as of the 5th of March this year, the company has opened a Cyber Security Transparency Center in Brussels. Ken Hu Houkun, Deputy Chairman at Huawei, made a speech at the opening ceremony, calling out for a change in the field of cybersecurity, stating that everyone should take part, including technical experts, government agencies and industry associations.

He believes the lack of consensus regarding the following made matters worse:

– Verification systems

– Technical standards

– Cybersecurity

– Legislative support

Huawei has decided to take the path of transparency, allowing third parties to audit them if deemed necessary.

Scanlan wonders “shall we regulate or innovate?” People need to be educated about both the benefits and the risks. He also thinks that there is not enough debate about 5G, cloud technologies, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Finally, he reminded us we need to keep in mind that many people were lured into giving app developers the rights to access their information, all while using simple passwords, which is pragmatic in terms of privacy.