HPE demonstrates IoT leadership by opening a Global Innovation Lab

Last week, HPE celebrated the launch of its Global Innovation Lab with a special grand opening event in Houston. In the future, HPE plans to open an additional two labs in Singapore and Geneva. Let’s take a look at how they plan to change the world of IoT with their industry innovations.

HPE has diverse offerings, and it’s one of the few IoT vendors that can claim an end-to-end solution. Their team want to address some of the issues that CIOs are facing when establishing their IoT strategies. Specifically, they have shown market leadership in the following areas:


Since IoT introduces a whole new attack vector, HPE takes cybersecurity very seriously. The backbone of their IoT security is Aruba’s Clearpass. While this is a great fit for larger organisations, it is arguably somewhat overkill for smaller businesses.

Cloud analytics

If technology takes over some of the decision-making processes, there is no room for human error. To reach these goals, HPE is taking advantage of AI and machine learning.

Edge computing

IT/OT convergence allows for monitoring, security, data analysis, and control of information collected from endpoints. Organisations can take advantage of this to not only collect more information but also for monetisation purposes. At the same time, however, it presents an additional element of risk.


HPE’s new lab showcases how organisations can deploy robust solutions across many industries. It will be interesting to observe how the industry reacts.