How Apple is updating its software during the COVID-19 era

In a response to the COVID-19 crisis, Apple is releasing a new set of software updates.

Starting off, we have a hand-washing detection feature that is designed to remind you how to wash your hands correctly to prevent spreading the germs.

Not only will it have the capacity to track how long you have been washing your hands, but it will also observe your hand motions and listen to audio (bubbles forming) to ensure that you are doing it right.

As soon as you start, a countdown timer will pop up to ensure that your hand-washing cycle lasts 20 seconds or more.

Apple Watch will be the first device of its kind to offer such a feature.

A watchOS 7 release is scheduled for late 2020.

There is also the new sleep tracking feature, the main point of which is to ensure that you are meeting your sleep goals every day.

It can also help you to transition into a relaxed state in the evening via a meditation app.

While sleeping, it analyses your breathing patterns to determine the quality of your sleep, which you can review in the form of a graph.

To prevent your partner from waking up, you can set the watch to start vibrating instead of having an alarm go off.

Apple Watch can also track dance moves and make them count as a workout type.

Apple Maps was also tweaked to show cycling directions and route time in addition to marking elevation changes and the availability of bike lanes.

Apple users are now able to update their personalised emoji to equip it with a virtual mask – a gesture to remind people how important it is to be wearing one during the pandemic.