Horrabridge residents will have faster mobile coverage from now on

The residents of Horrabridge who are subscribed with Vodafone UK will now be able to enjoy a much faster mobile network and related services. Recently, the infrastructure in the area was improved, and the services will now perform faster because of it.

In simple terms, Vodafone UK customers of Horrabridge will now have a much faster 4G network at their disposal. The recent infrastructure improvements also mean that the 3G voice signal will be much more reliable.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the new changes will also unlock the following benefits for the local Vodafone users thanks to the improved voice coverage:

– Clearer conversations

– Faster connection times

– Fewer dropped calls

All of these improvements are thanks to the provider’s network and investment programme. Reportedly, this has led to approximately 95% of Devon’s population now being able to enjoy 4G coverage.

Scott Petty, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone UK, believes that mobile connectivity plays a vital role when it comes to connecting communities and holding the economy in place. This is the reason why such investments have been made, and about a billion pounds has gone into the UK network since the year of 2014. Over the course of the next couple of years, further investments are going to be made, with an estimated total of £2 billion.

Finally, he concluded that they are committed to making improvements across the country, making the network available to an increasing number of customers.