Hitachi launches Vantara, a unified series of subsidiaries

Hitachi is in the process of creating Vantara, a separate company focusing on the digital transformation business. The new company aims to target big data and technology infrastructure. The following enterprises will be unified under the combined name of Hitachi Vantara:

– Hitachi Insight Group

– Pentaho

– Hitachi Data Systems

According to the company, they want to provide superior infrastructure and analytics technologies for markets that are still in development, where winners haven’t really been defined yet. Traditionally, Hitachi has been involved with various verticals such as government, healthcare, finance, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing.

Ryuichi Otsuki, CEO of Hitachi Vantara, has revealed the following product line-up:

  1. The version 2.0 release of the Lumada IoT platform, originally launched in 2016. Fully compatible with cloud and on-premises deployments, it features functionality such as machine learning, access management, dashboards, and alerts.
  2. An IoT appliance, powered by the company’s Lumada software, was designed to absorb data from various industrial settings in a timely manner.
  3. Smart Data Center, a suite that allows for direct control over data centres and infrastructure by using analytics and sensors. Its dashboard allows for optimisation, planning, and risk management.
  4. With the help of Hitachi Unified Compute Platform and converged data centre systems, organisations will now be able to automate their infrastructure better, including networking and storage.
  5. Managed services associated with Hitachi Enterprise Cloud to support DevOps and containers. In order to provide hybrid cloud management tools, VMware, Mesosphere, and Hitachi Enterprise Cloud will enter a partnership in order to introduce these new offerings.