HD video support and 360 degree photos in Facebook Messenger

Communication on social networks is becoming ever more visual, and from now on, you’ll be able to include HD videos, 360 degree photos, and panoramic photos in Facebook Messenger.

This digital transformation move allows users to capture a 360 degree photo on the fly, then post it in the chat, just the way you’d post a regular photo. In order to look at the photo from a different angle, Facebook allows users to tap and drag it, or click and drag it.

Facebook users can now also post the photos stored on their phone, as well as ones from their newsfeed. Both iOS and Android users will be able to take advantage of this new feature.

Earlier this year, the leading people at Facebook commented that conversation is headed in an increasingly visual direction. Looking at some concrete numbers from 2017, it’s evident as the platform hosted 17 billion video chats. Compared to the numbers seen in 2016, this is practically twice as many, indicating explosive growth over time.

To adapt to this phenomenon, the company has been working on its infrastructure, as well as growing its data centre footprint. Among the newly-added elements of it, is the disaggregated network system, and the company is working towards accommodating more immersive content, including:

– Virtual reality

– Live video

– 360 degree photos

Originally, the added features were announced on Tuesday, April 3rd. Are you excited to try them out?