Government inquiry into data security

A Government inquiry has been launched into the issue of data security online following the breach of data at a major telecommunications company.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee has said that the whole issue has raised a lot of concerns about the way that companies store data given to them by their customers. The company in question revealed that a major cyber-attack had been carried out, putting at risk the data provided by 4 million customers. An investigation showed that the number of customers that had been affected was not as many as first thought.

The Committee has said that a deeper investigation into the circumstances of the data breach will be carried out. This includes the way the attacks were carried out and the response once the breach had been discovered. The Committee is also planning to look at the implications for other telecoms service providers and the steps that should be taken to protect consumers.

There will also be an examination of the various measures that internet and telecoms companies are putting into place to raise their data security levels. The work of the Committee will also include the role of encryption for data security measures and the level of measures being taken to deal with the risk of cyber-crime. The Chair of the Committee, Jesse Norman, has said that this particular incident has shown that there are serious issues to be dealt with when it comes to data security and, in particular, the issue of personal information storage online.