Google tests new feature that showcases TikTok and Instagram videos

The Google app for mobile devices will now be showing TikTok and Instagram videos in a dedicated carousel.

The aim is to keep users who are searching for entertainment inside Google’s platform.

The test began rolling out earlier this year when the company introduced a carousel containing ‘Short Videos’ within Google Discover.

This is a personalised feed displayed in the Google mobile app.

On certain Android devices, it can be accessed by swiping to the left from the home screen.

These ‘Short Videos’ are different from Google’s Stories, which came out in October 2020.

These ‘Stories’ were previously known as ‘AMP Stories’ and consist of content that comes from Google’s publishing partners, including:

  • Vice
  • Now This
  • Forbes
  • USA Today
  • Thrillist
  • Bustle

On the other hand, the ‘Short Videos’ carousel is more focused on aggregating videos from social media.

Among the notable sources are:

  • Tangi (Google’s project)
  • Trell (Indian TikTok competitor)
  • YouTube

If you were to run a test of your own, you would find that both TikTok and Instagram videos are already appearing.

Upon clicking one of them, you will be taken to the social platform in its web version.

By executing it this way, users are more likely to remain on Google.

In fact, tapping the back arrow will take you back to the Google search results.

Google indexing video content is not a new thing – in 2015, the company partnered with Twitter for the purpose of indexing search results.

However, Google did not issue a formal comment regarding its future plans.

The tests are being run on mobile devices and are still in the early stages.

Once the concept matures, it will be a great tool for indexing social media content, unless the platforms start blocking the search engine crawlers.