Google temporarily halts all Chrome releases amid COVID-19 epidemic

To address the cyber security issues surfacing in the COVID-19 epidemic, Google has decided to halt all Chrome releases until further notice.

This will allow the team to spend more time on what is truly the most important thing for the end users.

Moving forward, security-related updates will be their primary focus.

Google’s reduced and increasingly remote workforce will prioritise stability, reliability and security.

Furthermore, the same measures apply to any future Chrome OS releases.

What does this mean for the end users?

While the situation is anything but ideal, the development will still go on.

Although there will not be any new features until the panic calms down a bit, security updates will still be released as normal.

It is hard to estimate how long this will go on for, but it could be months or more.

Google’s move could be interpreted as an attempt to shield an ever-increasing number of those who work from home.

Sean Wright, a cyber security researcher, sees Google’s decision as “understandable”.

He said that when it comes to the end users, the most important thing is to address the security issues.

As the coronavirus epidemic is forcing an increasing number of workers to stay at home, hackers have a growing incentive to target the group.

Due to a long list of problems with Google Chrome, many users have switched over to Mozilla Firefox.

However, when it comes to work, sometimes it is not up to the individual to decide.

This is why it is so important for Google to stay on top of its game and deliver important security updates to Chrome users as they become available.

Above all else, speed is of the essence.

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