Google partners up with Mayo Clinic for digital transformation

Google and Mayo Clinic have begun a digital transformation partnership.

Together, they will be using Google’s AI knowledge and Mayo Clinic’s clinical expertise to bring medical research to a whole new level while improving the delivery of healthcare.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, believes healthcare is one of the most important fields that technology can help transform in the decade to come.

In the new partnership, they are hoping to improve people’s lives with their services.

Examining Google’s blog post, it was revealed that, with the company’s help, Mayo Clinic will develop a digital strategy and pave the way for cloud and AI-powered tools.

Another thing that’s on the radar is a machine-learning powered technology that will be used in the process of detecting serious diseases.

For ease of cooperation, Google is opening a new office in Rochester, Minnesota, which is near Mayo Clinic’s headquarters.

Christopher Ross, CIO at Mayo Clinic, is looking forward to taking care of their patients while revolutionising healthcare delivery.

Thanks to the Google Cloud platform, the following will be leveraged for the benefit of all:

– Healthcare-specific solutions

– Innovative cloud technology

– Industry-leading AI

With regards to storing patient data, it will be stored on Google Cloud, and the Clinic will control access to it.

Mayo Clinic will be working towards new insights and solutions, which will be achievable through using the said data.

The access to it that Google will be granted as part of the partnership will be managed using rigorous long-standing institutional controls.