Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 now available at hardware resellers

On Tuesday, Google made an important announcement: Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is now available for direct purchase at certain hardware resellers.

Previously, developers and businesses were required to work with Google partners to develop custom augmented reality software that fits their particular needs.

Thanks to the second edition of Google Glass, industry workers are able to enjoy hands-free access to the information they need.

As a consumer product, Google Glass did not achieve the anticipated effect.

In 2017, the product was revived for enterprise customers, and in May 2019, the second version was launched.

Nowadays, it’s used in multiple sectors, including manufacturing, logistics and field services.

This time around, Google wants to make it more of a wide-scale release.

In terms of the hardware specifications, it has an improved battery life, a powerful CPU, and a USB-C port.

The improved battery life, for instance, makes it a much better fit in real-life situations.

The frames are also supposed to be much more comfortable to wear.

Google is selling Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for $999.

Since the launch of its second version, Jay Kothari from Google has noted an increased demand for it.

According to Kothari, businesses and developers are interested in building new solutions for it.

In technical terms, the product is designed to work on Android.

During development, businesses can integrate the services and APIs with which they’re already familiar.

To make the process easier for them, Google has made code examples and open source applications publicly available.

IDC estimates that worldwide spending on augmented and virtual reality should reach $18.8bn this year.

In 2019, it was $10.5bn, therefore accounting for a 78.5% increase.

Consumer spending on the same technologies, on the other hand, is likely to progress at a much slower pace.