Google gives free Cloud credits to non-profits

Non-profit organisations willing to solve big challenges with data now have the option of getting free Google Cloud credits.

It’s no secret that data offers valuable insights into the business operations of an organisation; when used right, it can even be used for the purposes of transforming an entire industry. Now, non-profit organisations will be able to utilise free Google Cloud credits to bring this even closer to reality.

The new initiative is called Data Solutions for Change, a program that allows non-profits to utilise emerging technologies like machine learning and data analytics. These organisations were previously challenged with data analytics resources, but this digital transformation move is bound to shake things up a notch.

Here’s what the program includes:

– 6 training lessons with Qwiklabs

– Google Development Support

– 6-months of $5,000 Google Cloud monthly credit grants

Organisations that already have a clear idea about how to utilise the program’s advantages to tackle specific challenges are best suited to take advantage of it.

The Foundation for Precision Medicine, for example, will be using machine learning technology to determine whether a patient will develop Alzheimer’s disease. Originally, the organisation’s founders were equipped with nothing more than their laptops, in-house servers, and millions of de-identified US patient records.

The initiative is also backing Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, a South African non-profit organisation. Thanks to their help, more than 5,000 underprivileged youth have been able to find work. With millions of South Africans who are still looking for work, the organisation will now be able to perform its work on a much larger scale.