Google Flights uses advanced technology to predict flight delays

The next Google Flights update is going to introduce some important digital transformation changes. In concrete terms, it’s going to be able to predict flight delays before the airlines announce this information.

From now on, passengers will receive a heads-up prior to arriving at the airport.

In a recent blog post, Google explained they’re using advanced technology such as machine learning to make predictions based on flight events that have transpired over the course of history. When the new update is live, passengers will be able to see realistic predictions and even reasons for delays, such as weather.

Passengers will be able to input their flight number or simply the airline coupled with the route, and Google Flights will display this information even before the airlines officially release it.

In order for the service to remain as accurate as possible, Google said the app will only display predictions when the confidence level or reliability of the calculations is at least 80 per cent.

Google Flights will also display other relevant information to economy passengers on specific flights (Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines). Such relevant information includes:

  • Baggage fees
  • Seat selection
  • Overhead locker space

One of the updates released in the past included ways to provide clearer information on expiring deals and changes in flight prices. In 2016, Google Trips was released, which is an app that helps travellers locate the most interesting tourist attractions and plan an itinerary.