Google facing lawsuit for allegedly tracking users despite private browsing mode

On Tuesday, a class action lawsuit was filed against Google for allegedly tracking users’ browsing activity despite them using private browsing mode.

The company is also accused of collecting users’ personal information, web history and other web activity.

The following tools have found themselves on the judicial radar:

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Sign-In button
  • Other website plugins from Google

The plaintiffs claim that apps that use Google’s services illegitimately collect the following user data:

  • IP address
  • What was viewed last
  • What the user is viewing right now
  • The user’s hardware details

After collection, the above data is sent to the company’s servers, which are located in California.

According to the plaintiffs, this is done without the user’s knowledge or consent, which is a clear invasion of privacy.

This is not only a matter of GDPR but also a case of consumer deception.

Without knowing, many people around the world are having their private interests and internet usage details harvested.

Suddenly, Google has become the go-to destination for private, criminal or government actors who want to learn more about their potential victims to undermine their privacy, freedom and security.

Anyone with an Android device who has viewed a webpage containing Google Ad Manager or Google Analytics in private browsing mode is welcome to join the class action lawsuit.

Anyone with a Google account who has used private browsing mode on a non-Android device to access a website containing these services is also invited.

The class action lawsuit is seeking $5,000 in damages per user or a sum that totals three times the actual damages (whichever happens to be greater).

It supposedly involves millions of users and the procedures are also underway in the UK and Australia.