Google Cloud IoT Core enters public beta

On Wednesday, Google decided to move Cloud IoT Core to public beta and also added new features.

Google’s Cloud IoT Core is a fully managed service for maintaining IoT devices that was launched earlier in the year. Designed to target enterprise and smart city deployments such as utilities and transportation, it can be used for the purposes of data analytics, including Bigtable, Dataflow, Pub/Sub and BigQuery.

The latest release allows users to bring their own device key, signed by the individual’s own Certificate Authority, and the key signature is verified when trying to authenticate. This allows device manufacturers to provision their devices in bulk with their CA-issued certificate.

Apart from the standard MQTT protocol, users can take advantage of the new HTTP protocol in order to connect their existing devices to Cloud IoT Core.

Customers will now be able to retrieve the last state of an IoT device since Cloud IoT Core maintains a logical representation of the physical device. This includes device properties as well as its last recorded state. Even if the device itself is not connected, the applications will be able to retrieve and update its state and properties through an API.

The pricing will depend on the amount of data that is exchanged with Cloud IoT Core. The first 250MB per month will be free of charge. Customers can register as many devices as they want, and they are only going to be charged for the connected devices that exchange data.