Google Cloud container images receiving a new security feature

Google is rolling out a new cybersecurity feature to Cloud container images. The Container Registry vulnerability scanning feature was designed to bring more stability to the CI/CD process.

On Wednesday, Google made an announcement about a new cybersecurity feature developers can use in the early phase of continuous integration as well as continuous delivery CI/CD process. From now on, all container images built using Google Cloud will automatically be scanned for OS package vulnerabilities.

However, keep in mind that the Container Registry vulnerability scanning feature is still in the beta stages.

Upon enabling the Container Analysis API, the scanner will check the images for vulnerabilities when they’re pushed to the Container Registry. The new cybersecurity feature should do a good job at making sure that vulnerable images are not deployed in the first place. According to Google, this should cut down on the time which would otherwise be spent dealing with security issues downstream.

In related news, Google’s revamped Cloud Source Repositories should be coming soon. The updated version is still in beta. One of its features is the redesigned interface. Moreover, it will be getting semantic code search capabilities. The code search function seems to be running on the exact same code search infrastructure the Google engineers use.

Also, Cloud Memorystore for Redis, a fully-managed in-memory data store service, is coming soon. It’s built on Google infrastructure. Here is what the solution can help you automate:

– Failover

– Provisioning

– Monitoring

– Scaling

This is just one of the many managed database services rolled out by Google this year.