Google Chromebooks soon to support Windows 10

Google is working on enabling a dual-boot installation of Windows 10 on their Pixelbooks and Chromebooks via its Campfire project. The rumours about this started circulating around the web in April this year, but now, a report released by XDA-developers seems to have confirmed this.

According to the report, the project goes under the codename “Campfire”. The name is inspired by eve-campfire, a firmware branch of Google Pixelbook. From now on, it will include an “alt OS” mode, which, according to XDA-developers, is meant for Microsoft Windows 10.

The same source reports that the Pixelbook won’t be the only Campfire-enabled Chromebook; others will follow. However, it’s still unknown which models will be receiving Windows 10 dual-boot support. One thing is for sure – dual booting into Windows 10 is promised to be seamless, and if they uphold their word, enabling developer mode won’t even be required for it to work.

When the new dual-boot mode is available, Windows users who need to run certain apps will have a new laptop option available to them.

Still, there are some milestones ahead first, with one of them being Google passing Microsoft’s hardware certification process for Windows 10. This needs to be done before the new dual-boot option Chromebooks hit the market. On the bright side, XDA-developers estimate this is likely to happen sooner rather than later.

In related news, recently, Microsoft has announced that the Surface Go tablet is meant to compete with Chromebooks and Apple’s cheaper iPads.