Google Chrome update brings performance improvements

Google’s flagship Chrome browser is getting massive performance improvements to wrap up 2020.

Matt Waddell, Chrome’s director of product, said that it is the largest performance increase in years.

What are these improvements?

For starters, we have the tab update.

Chrome will now focus on the active tab in the browser.

The other tabs in the background will have their CPU usage reduced by 5x.

To keep performance in check, Chrome resorts to JavaScript performance throttling.

Various tests show that a device’s battery life could be increased by up to 1.25 hours as a result.

Important background operations, such as showing notifications and playing music, should not be negatively impacted due to these changes.

Furthermore, Chrome should now be 25% faster to launch.

In addition, it uses up less RAM than before and it loads pages 7% faster.

Chrome is also getting a new feature that will allow you to search through the open tabs using a search bar.

For those who have a habit of keeping large numbers of tabs open at the same time, such a feature appears to be long overdue.

To find the tab you are looking for, simply type in its name and the browser will take you there in a fraction of a second.

Although it will only be introduced to Chromebooks initially, other desktop versions of Chrome will follow suit.

Moving forward, the functionality of Chrome’s address bar will expand beyond typing in addresses with what Google refers to as Chrome Actions.

For example, users will be able to type their intentions, such as ‘delete history’, into it and be taken into the relevant section inside the browser straight away.

Finally, Chrome is also getting ‘cards’ that appear when a new tab is opened.

Through these, users will be able to view recently visited content on the web.