Google Chrome now warns of brand-new phishing pages

In a recent upgrade, Google Chrome has stepped up its cybersecurity measures to help warn its users about phishing pages, even if they are brand-new and unrecognised by the Safe Browsing database.

This is possible due to historical data obtained by Safe Browsing, which allows the program to make future threat predictions in real-time.

Initially, Chrome’s new cybersecurity features will only apply to the Google account password, but as time goes on, all passwords saved in Chrome’s password manager will be protected by it. Furthermore, other apps and browsers taking advantage of Safe Browsing will also be able to use it, including Snapchat, Safari, and Firefox.

In other news, Google has rolled out its Advanced Protection Program, available to Gmail users with an elevated risk of being targeted by malicious actors online. The new Advanced Protection Program makes use of public-key technology and digital signatures.

By paying around $20 for a security key, your Gmail account will enjoy an additional layer of protection, and you will be unable to login to your account without it. In order for an unauthorised person to gain access to someone’s Gmail account protected by this device, knowing the password would no longer be enough. Of course, this comes at the cost of convenience.

The Google account recovery procedures will now take additional days to complete, since the company has implemented additional verification checks to ensure that the right person obtains access to the account, making it harder for imposters to succeed.