Google and Facebook showered with GDPR complaints

The European GDPR is starting to take its toll on Google and Facebook, two of the internet giants that everyone is familiar with. And that’s just the beginning of what’s to follow.

It was only a matter of time before activists started going after them and showering them with complaints.

The None of Your Business (NOYB) group has been one of the loudest ones, and it’s headed by Max Schrems, the Austrian lawyer who has previously gone after Facebook. Not too surprisingly, they are not on the best of terms, as he has managed to win many a legal battle against them.

In particular, Schrems was responsible for bringing down the Safe Harbor regime. Simply put, this used to be a legal mechanism that allowed Facebook, and other US companies, to import the personal data of European users. Now, he is looking to lead a fight against companies which are non-compliant with the GDPR and what the new regulations are trying to accomplish.

The law allows non-profit groups like NOYB to do this, and even fight a legal battle on behalf of those whose legal rights may have been tread on.

NOYB criticises Facebook for forcing users to give their consent to having their data used in any way the company desires, or else they’re not allowed to use the service at all. Reportedly, this should not count as legitimate legal consent.

Still, both Google and Facebook insist they are GDPR compliant. What will the verdict be?