Gmail is getting a redesign soon

This is a massive digital transformation update, since a lot of business owners are using Gmail as their primary way of sending and receiving emails. Well, some changes are on the horizon, and they may be as little as weeks away from seeing them implemented.

According to the leaked screenshots, it will now be possible to snooze emails. The update will very much cater towards those who value their privacy, since “Confidential Mode” is one of the changes being introduced. Simply put, this feature will prevent the recipients from forwarding them. No, they won’t be able to circumvent this by downloading, copying, or printing them; however, chances are that they will still be able to take screenshots as normal.

Those who are interested in trying out the redesigned version of Gmail, will be able to do so through an early access program in the weeks to come. Many of the features, though, were already available in Google’s Inbox email project. The smart replies feature that’s coming to Gmail soon is also one you’re probably already familiar with; it’s taken from the official Gmail smartphone app that’s freely available on iOS and Android.

In 2017, Gmail arguably became more secure to use, since Google stopped using automated technology to scan the users’ emails in order to deliver targeted ads.

Those who are questioning the legitimacy of these leaked screenshots; don’t bother. Google has already confirmed that all of this is legitimate. We are literally just weeks away from seeing this update in practice.