Global earthquake detection alerts coming soon to Android

Google has announced that it is planning to introduce an earthquake detection system to Android devices on a global scale.

The system’s functionality is based on the readings of accelerometers that are built into smartphones.

If an earthquake is detected, the phone will automatically establish a connection with Google’s earthquake detection server and send in the coordinates of where it is happening.

As a safety measure, the server will not rely on readings from a single smartphone.

Instead, it will analyse information sent in from various Android phones to determine whether there is reason to worry.

Once an earthquake is determined without any reasonable doubt, Android users will receive an alert that will instruct them on how to find safety and take cover.

In one of Google’s blog posts, Android principal software engineer Marc Stogaitis said that installing a ground network of seismometers may not be a feasible solution for every part of the world.

This is the reason why the company has decided to transform Android phones into mini seismometers, and every one of them will join the network of Android phones.

In essence, the company is creating the largest earthquake detection network known to mankind.

In addition, Google is establishing a partnership with the following entities:

  • California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
  • United States Geological Survey

This will allow Android users in California to receive state-of-the-art earthquake alerts.

Furthermore, Google search results will be providing earthquake information going forward.

For instance, search queries such as ‘earthquake’ or ‘earthquake near me’ will trigger geographically relevant search results as well as informative resources on what to do.

The earthquake alert system will be coming to California first.

As time goes on, other regions in the US and the rest of the world will follow suit.