Get your AI certificate by taking a course at Microsoft

Microsoft’s Professional Program now allows you to obtain a certificate by enrolling in a new online AI course.

Better yet, the Professional Program in AI is available to the public. Developers will surely benefit from having access to such knowledge, and so will anyone who’s interested in learning about the technology.

In total, the program consists of 10 courses. There’s a whole lot of content to consume, as a single course consists of 8 to 16 hours’ worth of material.

Here are some of the technologies and areas you’re going to learn more about by enrolling:

– Ethics

– Python

– Data analysis

– Math

– Statistics

– Natural language processing

– Speech recognition

– Computer vision

– Azure Machine Learning

If you manage to complete the course, you’re going to receive a digitally-shareable certificate from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, these courses aren’t free without limitations. While the participants can audit them and sign up for free, they won’t be eligible to receive a certificate upon successful completion. More information on this is available on their official website in the FAQ section.

This is just one of the many topics you can learn about under the Microsoft Professional Program. Some others include:

– DevOps

– Data science

– Cloud Administration

– Big data

– Front end web development

– IT support

Some of you might remember that Microsoft originally announced these courses back in 2016. At that time, it was called the “Microsoft Professional Degree” program.