Gemalto offers new enterprise-level security solutions

Cloud data securityGemalto, one of the world-leading digital security providers, is expanding its portfolio of SafeNet data security and protection services. The newest additions to their offerings will provide businesses with new and improved ways to secure their big data deployments in the cloud, data centers, as well as virtualised environments.

The new solutions are compatible with the most popular data environments, which means they can be integrated with leading providers such as DataStax, IBM, Cloudera, MongoDB, CouchBase, Hortonworks, Zettaset, and others.

Additionally, the new solutions are designed in such a way that they are compatible with the specific needs of each individual business. In practice, this means that the companies can now apply transparent encryption anywhere, regardless of the data source. This includes data storage, data transport, and data creation.

Here is a quick recap of the benefits:

Advanced Format Preserving Encryption (FPE):

This allows for column-level encryption within a database. It does not alter the database schema in any way, nor does it change the data format.

Broader data encryption for Hadoop:

Businesses can now use data security measures in Hadoop infrastructures to secure folders, databases, files, applications, or the entire disk. This will not hinder analytics in any way.

NoSQL Database data encryption:

Businesses will now be able to protect their data that resides within NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB, and Couchbase.

Security for cloud servers and virtualised platforms:

Businesses can now protect their big data stored in the cloud. This includes popular providers such as Google Cloud, VMWare, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace, CenturyLink, and others.