Gather is building an onboarding and offboarding tool

Gather is developing a ‘people ops’ tool that will streamline employees’ onboarding, offboarding and parental leave.

Due to how much time and effort it takes to train someone once they have joined the team, the industry is in desperate need of a software tool that helps with the process.

The same goes for individuals who have left the company – in most cases, you would not want them to retain access to company documents, for example.

The solution that Gather is working on will be tightly integrated with Slack, where it will send out both tasks and reminders.

With the new solution in place, the process of adding a new employee to the team will be much more structured, leading to their manager receiving automated start date reminders, and security getting the memo so that they can set up the accounts necessary, etc.

After a couple of days on the job, the employee will get a reminder to read through the guidelines and company policies.

It will also come with a separate list of to-dos, ensuring that no step is overlooked.

If someone’s work anniversary is approaching, their manager will receive an alert to congratulate them or perhaps send a gift.

When someone returns from parental leave, the whole team will be alerted.

Receiving an alert when someone leaves the company ensures that their accounts are removed, and all access rights are revoked.

Gather’s co-founders came up with the idea while helping recent college graduates start their own companies.

During their work, they noticed that there are tools such as CRMs for sales and marketing tasks, but none for people ops.

This could be the reason why so many companies encounter problems when trying to run their operations on a large scale.

Is Gather’s people operations tool the answer?