Future of computing without screens?

A recent report from Accenture suggests that the digital transformation might push us towards a new future: one that doesn’t involve screens at all.

Naturally, not only will our everyday lives undergo a massive change, this will also have a significant impact on how enterprises work in general.

In particular, the authors made the following predictions:

  1. In five years, more than 50% of customers will select their devices based on AI, and not a traditional brand.
  2. In seven years, most interfaces will lack a screen and be integrated into daily tasks.
  3. In ten years, digital assistants will keep employees productive all the time, 24/7.

To arrive at these findings, the authors of the report interviewed 5,400 executives from around the world.

According to interviewees, AI will have a much more significant role in technology interfaces, having an impact on autonomous cars, live translations, and so forth. A total of 79% of executives believe that AI will help them adopt technology more quickly, and 85% are making plans to invest in AI technologies within the next three years.

Practical examples on how this will benefit the organisations include:

– Verbally scheduling a meeting without having to type anything

– Content curation

Finally, organisations need to take the following actions to embark on this AI UX journey of revolution:

– Analyse existing channels of communications and find a way to make them smarter

– Determine how employee interactions can be improved with AI

– Look at new interfaces beyond the screen, think about how new channels can enable multidimensional conversations