Funding for faster broadband in North Yorkshire

Funding worth £21m has been secured for the provision of faster residential and business broadband in North Yorkshire.

The funding, which has been secured by North Yorkshire County Council, includes £13m from the authority’s own funds. The balance has come from the UK and EU governments and the aims is to ensure that 95% of the county can access faster broadband services in the near future.

Local councillor Don Mackenzie said the county has already seen great success in bringing faster services to the region. The new investment means that all areas will be able to see the benefits of quality services and it is hoped that the new services will attract people who want to live and work in the region.

The new funding will enable the more remote areas of the county to be reached. The initiative for faster residential and business broadband in North Yorkshire has already seen around 740 fibre broadband cabinets installed and switched on, and the county council is also holding more discussions with BT and other partners to get phase three of the project off the ground.

North Yorkshire County Council believes that of the 5% of premises that will not be able to access superfast services during this project, around 3% will be able to access high-speed fibre services. The council is determined that the whole county will be able to access broadband services of an acceptable quality and speed.