FSB describes broadband as fourth utility

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has announced that small businesses see broadband as the fourth utility.

A report published by the FSB shows how essential broadband is for companies. The organisation is suggesting that there is a voluntary code of practice put into place in addition to a USO – Universal Service Obligation – to address the issues that are considered to be causing a problem for the UK’s digital services.

The FSB found that many small companies are using better business broadband to ensure that they can become more productive and make cost savings; however, there are still a number of small businesses that are not happy with the quality of service when it comes to broadband. Some are now missing out on opportunities because they are not getting the right standard of broadband.

Some companies have upgraded to faster broadband services to obtain better connectivity and better speeds; however, some are not getting the higher speeds that have been promised by the providers. The UK is already leading the way in e-commerce and 99% of companies consider good broadband essential. 51% of companies are offering services and products online, with more making plans to do so in the near future.

The regional chairman of the FSB in the North East, Ted Salmon, said that companies are trying to change the way in which they do business online but that they are being held back by problems with services. He believes that the code of practice will help to change things and build more trust between providers and customers.