FSB demands better broadband for businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is calling for improvements to business broadband services to enable all companies to compete effectively.

The FSB has published a report entitled Reassured, Optimised, Transformed on the current state of broadband provision. It concludes that services are generally improving; however, there are some areas where broadband is not at the level that companies need. The FSB wants the government to create a plan for ultrafast broadband and also wants a universal service obligation (USO) to be implemented.

The USO would be designed to ensure that all companies receive a minimum business broadband speed of 10Mbps, which is considered adequate for the majority of businesses for the foreseeable future.

Some business owners are unhappy about the standard of service they have been receiving, with some not currently able to take advantage of all that faster broadband has to offer. Some have responded to issues by upgrading to superfast broadband services; however, for many businesses it is simply about getting at least a basic speed and more reliable service.

The policy director of the FSB, Mike Cherry, said that there are still some barriers in the market that are stopping companies taking advantage of opportunities. He claims that some customers are confused by the services on offer and are unsure how they can assess the advantages that faster broadband could offer. Mr Cherry believes that a voluntary code of practice will help to make things simpler and facilitate a better level of trust between the customers and the providers of business broadband services.